Keep Afloat
Manage all of your finances in one place.

To use Keep Afloat, follow three simple steps:

  • First, create portfolios to group your money and all of your investments and financial obligations.
  • Second, create accounts within each portfolio.
  • Third, add transactions to each account.


Create portfolios to group related aspects of your finances. Give a portfolio a name and you are ready to start filling it with accounts.

You can see the value of each of your portfolios at a glance as well as the total of all of your portfolios (net worth).


Create one or more accounts within each portfolio. Give an account a name and you can start adding transactions.

An account has an opening balance which you can set if you wish and an available balance which is calculated for you.


Add transactions to reflect your financial position. A transaction has a date, amount, and comment and an optional repeat interval.

You can also pin a transaction, mark a transaction as planned, or exclude a transaction from its account's balance.

Choose your version


Download for free on the App Store​
£ 0
  • Up to three portfolios
  • Up to three accounts per portfolio
  • Up to ten transactions per account
  • Multiple device sync via iCloud
  • Selected features in future releases


In-App Purchase
£ 2
  • Unlimited portfolios
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Multiple device sync via iCloud
  • All features in future releases


Here are some tips for getting the most out of Keep Afloat.

What is a pinned transaction?
A pinned transaction is pulled out of the normal chronological order to sit above all of the other transactions. This is a useful way to isolate important transactions and is more effective when there are only a few pinned transactions.
What is a planned transaction?
Marking a transaction as planned helps you record transactions that you intend to make so that you have a better understanding of your future financial position. It can be useful to exclude a planned transaction from the account balance.
How do I exclude a transaction from the account balance?
Simply set the 'Included in balance' switch to off for a transaction and its amount is not reflected in the account's available balance.
How does a repeating transaction work?
Select the required repeat interval for a transaction and it will automatically repeat itself. On the specified repeat date, an identical transaction will be automatically generated. The new transaction will be set as repeating and contain the next repeat date. The original transaction's repeat interval will then be removed (set to 'Never').
Does an account need any transactions?
No, sometimes just setting an account's balance is all you need to build it into your financial position.